June 10, 2013

Julie-Anne & Ally’s Wedding Day

Here are a few of the highlights of Julie-Anne & Ally’s wedding day. Which started off as a wee bit of a drizzly one – but thankfully that soon passed, which meant we could hit the town after their ceremony  Julie-Anne & Ally were blooming AWESOME!!! Walking up Buchanan Street in the centre of Glasgow! It was an absolute HOOT!

With big thanks to Zoe Campbell for her awesomeness on the day too #dreamteam 🙂


Massive congratulations Julie-Anne & Ally, you both looked so happy, and seeing your Dad’s face, Julie-Anne brimming with pride – it was ever so lovely xx




Here are a few words from Julie-Anne <3 xxx


special wee shout out and thank you to Zoe Campbell for the statue and street dancing shots above 🙂




Ahh beautiful photos Zoe, such a blummin gorgeous couple too! She really does look so pretty. Love the shots with the street artist. 😀 xx

It was such a HOOT – and I love Julie-Anne & Ally to pieces for being up for this! Thanks for the lovely comments Jay xx

This wedding was a joy to view and I love those pictures & comments at the end, they so add to it.

OOh Den, thank you so much!

Amazing work Zoe, your work is seriously top notch!

OOh Jamesy-boy – thank you SO much!!