August 22, 2011

Taking time to have fun and enjoy the moment!

I love all the things I’ve kept from my childhood – an old sheet from the 70’s – yes, its floral and my collection of ladybird books from various decades – not everything survived – I bought a vintage tiny tears doll on ebay … so with these under one arm, and my excited daughter buzzing around me, we set about building a Den, reading books, playing dolls and making some of our own memories together. Thanks Belle Bebes for the inspiration – it was a special morning filled with nothing out of the ordinary, just being together was lovely! 


We were listening to the fabulous music from William Fitzimmons – LOVE it – you should check his work out. 


Really Cute, lovely set.

thank you so much Kristin x

Wonderful images Zoe, fantastic images to treasure

Thank you so much Martin 🙂

precios moments Zoe, very special, thank you for sharing the nostalgia

Aww, thank you x

I have just gasped with pleasure at being taken back to helping my brother learn to read with read it yourself! (I’m too old for them myself – I’m from the Janet and John generation). Lovely set of images Zoe – colours and comps work really well, and everything flows with a lovely natural feel to it.

(PS I want that T-shirt… do they come in adult sizes I wonder?)

Oh my goodness, that book has taken me right back! Gorgeous photos Zoe!

I really must take a mo to photograph my WHOLE collection! 🙂

Ha, we must all be of an age – first thing I thought looking at that was I remember that book!! Ya bunch of oldies!! 🙂

haahaa – That would be telling Jason – no, I have a ladybird book for virtually ever decade I think!

Aw, these are gorgeous Zoe, I think it’s great to see some personal stuff on your site. Oh, and just so I’m in the gang, I had that book too!

But did any of you have the magic paint brush? Thats the one I am trying to track down! LOVED that one!

I remember that book too!! Looks like she’s taking after mum already with the small camera! Treasured moments indeed 🙂

I know Matt! I totally had my arm twisted with the latest Cebebbies mag – she spied a camera on that and wanted it too – how cold I say no!

This is wonderful Zoe – you are sooooo right to collect memories. Treasure these times.

I think I am all the more aware of it as little M is our third child, infact our eldest turned 8 today! And I can’t begin to understand where those 8 years went!

Also, your work and others (like Dan O’Day’s) I really connect with, observing life, the little things, – so important – to me personally. I remember reading on your blog about being caught in the moment of that little (Flower?) girl dancing in the light spots – so special I love those moments.

Thanks for taking the time to comment Kevin xx

hey coool .. I remember reading that book myself! I like the fusion video … think it needs some sound though 🙂

i know! sound would make it – but i’m not wanting to illegally use tracks i don’t have permission to use xxx