May 7, 2019

Kathryn Ho ~ Artist, Coach & Scottish Landscapes

Photography has taken me so many places, and I’ve met so many creative people over the years. My heart leapt with excitement when Kathryn’s email popped into my inbox the other week. I confess that I’d poured over Kathryn’s beautiful art, on IG, the way she captures the movement, the shapes, the textures of this ever changing landscape that we share here in this little part of Scotland. So, when Kathryn invited me along to her studio, to take some portraits, and capture a little bit of her studio life .. I LEAPT at the chance! 

The studio is in a beautiful location, nestled just outside of Dundee, with wide views and big skies towards Fife. The weather even transformed itself into one of Kathryn’s paintings during our session, with dark brooding clouds, with layers whisspy white tendrils whipping at the edges of the clouds . It was beautiful.

I shot on a mixture of both digital (with my Sony camera + different lenses) and some pretty rare, Polaroid POLACOLOR PACKFILM .. which is now sadly hard to buy. This particular pack of film had expired in 2007. Long have I mentioned my love of film in the past, it seemed fitting to use my last pack of this film stock, with Kathryn .. I felt that the art of making the photo, the physicality of the process.  Pulling the instant film, through the rollers in my Polaroid 600se, spreading these old expired chemicals out over the exposed film .. I felt like it was fitting to share this experience with Kathryn. This particular film stock too, I feel echoes some of the colours that Kathryn herself uses, capturing landscapes. The end result is a sort of layered, organic, unique image. Have a look HERE to see the video of one of the film photos being ‘pulled open’. 

You can read more about Kathryn HERE. Go gaze in wonderment at her beautiful work. I know you will love it. Go be inspired xx