February 4, 2012

Kinnoul Hill Perth

Its been a long drawn out few days, with all five of us, with the flu .. so, I’ve been spending some time looking over some images, that haven’t yet reached the blog – it may surprise you to learn that there are quite a few! Don’t know about all of you who have kids, but we seem to have a battle with the amount of time they spend either on the tv/wii/computer or trying to get on it!! So when we get the chance, we try and get em out for some fresh air, to be inspired by the nature around us, and the amazing views we have nearby. So, here is a recent walk we had to Kinnoul Hill, in Perth – stunning view, as the sun set. And I PROMISE you no selective colour was used here! Hand on heart – the image taken of my middle son was in a little patch of sunlight left, as the sun was setting, just on the edge of the woods – here is a link to a little write up from Laurence Kim.










A nice film feel to these Zoe. I like the photo of the kids looking into the woods.

Well done Zoe, the kids looks like great fun!

Great set Zoe 🙂 looks like a lovely day out!

awww – it was indeed – we have so many fab places nearby.

Ahh beautiful as ever Zoe, they look like Hansel and Gretel going into the woods, bless!

mwaahahaha – we did lead them safely back to the car! 😉

Oh WOW Zoe these are gorgeous! Especially LOVE the silhouettes with the low sun 🙂 x

aah – yes, a bit of sunset + silhouettes – it was a must 🙂

Beautiful set, really captures the chill of a winter’s eve, nice work! The tower is very reminiscent of Mow Cop Castle, a favourite local viewpoint of mine.

Ohhh – thanks John, I’ll have to google that place – I am sure I have heard of it

just fabbaroony as always ……..I am no longer surprised at how amazingly fab you are ….because your so consistent in your fabness x

Aww, my lovvely Andrea, YOU never fail to cheer me up and put a smile on my face x

awesome work as ever zoe, loving that last tree shot!

thank you so much James – we did walk back to the car virtually in the dark!! The kids loved it!

Aww lovely images Zoe!! 🙂

Thank you so much Jane xx

Well done for getting them out!!!It’s always worth the effort!!! (You sure about the selective???!!!!!) 🙂 Always love to see your photos and so nice to see some personal ones! x

hahaha – no no, we didn’t get anywhere near venturing out today!! This was taken in January! xx

Love your work Zoe, top notch!

Aww, thank you James, that means a lot xx