January 15, 2012

Christmas time in London

I had the good fortune to get a place on a day in Battersea Park, on a photo shoot with some fantastic people – followed by a really some really inspirational talks by Catherine Conner, Julie West, Melissa Love, Gary Marshall – organised by Claudia Carter – the full post can be seen over here: https://photosbyzoe.co.uk/aspire/

This, this is all about what happened afterwards! I dedicate this to my good friends from the Click Collective, that I shared this experience with.

Sam and I were greeted with sights of sparkling Christmassy fairy lights, twinkling in the cold London air, sounds of people laughing, chatting, gasping and cooing at the street performance (have you ever seen a man climb through a stringless tennis racket? … well neither had I!) …. smells of people supping on mulled wine and other Christmas delights…. I got RATHER excited when I spied a rather gorgeous vintage  styled Christmas scene in a shop window  – only to discover that it was no other than the fantastic work of Orla Kiely !!  …I have some fond memories of that trip  xx








Loving the colours and atmosphere. Good moments captured Zoe. 🙂

Thank you so much Angela x

Aaaw it was a wonderful weekend..such great memories. Xx

so so so many happy memories Sam xx