July 27, 2016

Congratulations Lucy & Douglas ~ Kirknewton Stables

Lucy & Douglas were married at Kirknewton House Stables. Its such a lovely place, with beautiful gardens and an all round  relaxed informal feel to a wedding day.  I have to admit that Lucy’s wee nephew stole my heart – I love having the chance to see all the wee ones at weddings (now that my three children are growing up so fast!).

Much love and congratulations to you both xx



Venue ~  Kirknewton house stables

Wedding Dress ~ Charlie Brear from Lamesley Bridal

Florist ~  Hedgerow

Makeup Artist~ Sharon from the Made Up Team

Wedding Cake ~ Lucy’s Mum & Lovecrumbs

Hair ~ City Brides

Catering ~Annabelle’s

Bridesmaid Dresses~ Bhldn

Vehicle Hire ~ Avantgarde

Groomswear ~ owned his kilt already

Band / DJ ~ Carrie on dancing

Celebrant : Karen Dickson



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