October 28, 2017

Me time

I still have three weddings left this year. I am really really looking forward to joining my couples for their special day (and all three happen to be at one of my absolutely favourite venues!).. I have also really been needing some down time. Its been a really busy season – and I wouldn’t want it any other way, I hate feeling at a loose end without anything to focus my energy on! But, back to today, today I went off to the forrest. Just me, and Polly (our wee rescue dog, who we adopted 2 years ago now – the time has flown!).

We clambered, wandered, squelched (through mud) and splashed .. and loved every minute of it. I needed it. I purposely took along my camera, with only my macro 105mm sigma lens. Because, well I don’t use it nearly as much as I used to, and I recently shot with it for an outdoor wedding ceremony, and fell back in love with the lens. I thought to myself that I really must give it another chance. So, I did!

Be warned .. if you ever bump into me, whilst you are out walking your dog.. I probably will ask if I can take a photo .. I love dogs SO SO SO SO much !!  Today I had the pleasure to bump into the adorable little Woody, who I think is a rescue from Cyrus? And, wee Chester too .. they were SO cute!!

Polly also was extra confident today, and swum to get a stick, a few times!