April 16, 2014



Anyone who has met me, knows how much of an addict I am of instgram and my iPhone! I’ve been using  VSCOcam for while now, and I love that. When I am creating different images on my mac, I use photoshop, and sometimes add textured layers to give a different feeling to the image, and I thought to myself, wouldn’t that be cool if something like that were possible on my phone! So I did a wee search about in the app store – and hey presto  … the amazingly talented team behind the MEXTURES app had only gone and done just that (AND MORE!). This week they have upgraded the app to Mextures 2 .. and it is AWESOME!

OH MY GOODNESS  – I do love everything about it , there are SO many combinations, so many possibilities … check out this wee Mextures 1 launch videovideo,here:

Mextures Launch Video from Merek Davis on Vimeo.


And the very recent launch of the Mextures 2 app here:

Mextures 2.0 from Merek Davis on Vimeo.



So I thought I’d show you an image that I took straight from my phone, with NO editing / alternations at this point … this was taken early one morning on the way to Manchester Airport, with my friend Jaye driving 🙂



And here is where the fun begins!
Mextures cleverly have designed this app, so that you can import ready made formulas, OR make your own and actually save them, and whats more, you can still edit the pre-saved formulas even after you have imported it onto the image.

I LOVE all of these features so so so much – if you are anything like me, you will loose hours to experimenting with this amazing app. There are way more detailed descriptions and instructions on how to use this cool app – my advice is to get it and just play about and see what creations you can discover!



I thought it would be kinda fun to share one of my own home made formulas with you, as  a wee treat!  I’d love to see what you create with it  –  tag me in your instgram photos (photosbyzoe), so that I can have a look at your new images.

Here is how to import the formula:

Go into IMPORT FORMULAS – you are asked for a code

Enter this formula code:  CHFUPWN

Then to use it, you look for IMPORTED  FOMULAS , and you will see REACHING FOR THE SKY in there, choose that and start creating!

BEOFRE: (with the VSCOcam A3 preset applied first)




AFTER (with reaching for the sky ~ formula)

Thank you so much, everyone at #teammexture