My approach


I believe that there is no right or wrong style of photography. I think its all down to finding a photographer thats a good fit for you. Someone who you would feel comfortable sharing your wedding day with.

I'd describe myself as having an artistic style with a documentary / storytelling approach.

Couples book me because they like my candid, informal approach. Most couples tell me they don't like the idea of having their photo taken. I'm just the same, it can make me feel a wee bit self conscious sometimes. Worry not though, I have over ten years experience. Shooting in a way that will help you forget about having your photo taken, and let you just enjoy your day.

You can trust that I have enough experience and creativity to be able to handle things, even if they don't always quite go to plan!

I launched Photos by Zoe back in 2010. I've joined over 200 couples on their wedding day.pretty cool, huh?

I feel its so important that we have a genuine connection, because when you feel relaxed, you are able to be yourselves, and the rest just all falls into place! Thats why its really important that we both feel a connection with each other in the lead up to your day. I'll often have wedding guests ask me how long I've been friends with the newly weds. you know what? Most of the time, the wedding day is usually the first time that I meet my couples in person! So I take it as a huge compliment!

Investing in Professional Phtography:

Trust :

When you choose to hire me, you are making choice to invest in someone who has your best wishes at heart. I work hard to make you and your guests feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible (with a fair bit of fun and laughter too!).the long and the short of it is, your wedding day is a one-off experience.

The whole day is special, at times unpredictable and of course, unrepeatable.  If preserving those unique memories is important to you, then investing in a professional wedding photographer is definitely something you should think about!

I shoot with two professional cameras, with several lenses, batteries, memory cards, everything I need to shoot your wedding, (including back up equipment). I invest time and money into my business, my equipment and my development to ensure that I am up to date, and that you are getting the best from me. I am fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Cover.

It is my hope that you want me to be a part of your wedding, and that we share the experience together.

You understand  that I need your commitment, communication and trust. I promise the same in return.

I truly believe that when you trust me, when you are feeling comfortable and relaxed, genuine moments happen, resulting in the best kind of photos!

What makes a good wedding photographer?

I strongly feel that a good wedding photographer, is one who sees the importance of the whole wedding experience. Starting from the very first time we chat, to the wedding day itself. The days and weeks following your wedding are just as important to me.

I take great pride my work, so let me briefly explain my editing process. I start by looking for all the useable images from your wedding day. Not every single image I take will make the cut. Think about when you take photos, there are plenty of times, I bet where people are blinking or someone wandered into frame at the exact moment you took a snap. Its the same for me. As an experienced photographer, its my job to be able to look through the hundreds of images that I shoot on the day, to form the narrative of your wedding.

My Vow to you

That I will give you my all ,  with commitment and enthusiasm.

I’m friendly, and approachable.Documenting your day, as fully and honestly as I can.Basically the exact opposite of anything formal,or traditional! I want to capture real emotions of your wedding day, helping you to just be yourselves.

Starting from the wedding preparations in the morning, throughout the day and on into the evening with you and your guests throwing some shapes on the dance floor!

Put simply, I help tell the story of your wedding, so that your memories can be kept for years to come.

I bring over twelve years of experience to your wedding, along with my own individual creative flair. I have an unobtrusive approach, often quietly observing un-staged, unplanned, genuine moments. I put hours of time and energy into running my business and it matters to me that you have the best experience you can.

More than just one day

Your relationship with your images changes as the years go on, just as your own life stories develop and change over the years. My wedding photos mean different things to me now, 20 years later. I hope that your wedding photos are a way for you to hold onto the experiences and memories of your day. Ones that you will be able to look back on with love and fondness.