October 1, 2011

My little butterfly catcher

Just a very QUICK posting today – this was from the other evening – just had to grab the camera – our middle son seems to have a knack with creatures, he has always been playing with little bugs, and the like – was amazed to see him stroll over to where the butterflies where basking in the last of the afternoon sun, and pick up a Red Admiral! My little Butterfly Whisperer!

We headed off down to the beach after that – the sunlight was breath taking!



I just love the close up of the water – so peaceful 🙂

thank you Fiona – yes we do get some lovely lovely sunsets by the water – one of my fav places 🙂

Beautiful images Zoe. Gorgeous light!! 🙂

ahhhh Zoe…they are just the sweetest thing…..and the water shot gave me full on goosey’s x love every single last one…your so very clever X

Gorgeousness! By the bucketload! Xx