March 20, 2013

My new Sigma 35mm

A whole blog post to my new sigma 35mm … 1.4 – because I love it so 🙂

There are plenty of technical write ups on line – I just want to show you how well it handles sun flare, and the pretty bokeh it achieves!

SO what better than a wee trip to the park with the kids 🙂 



Super nice set. It really shows off the lens, and your style fits it perfectly, too. Great job and thanks for the sample shots.

One of the sexiest lenses I’ve ever used. LOVE these photos Zoe Lady!

I really like that lens- or maybe it’s your LOVELY work 🙂 Beautiful images zoe!

Ahh man, makes we wanna get one too! Great work Zo’

I want this lens! Lovely shots Zoe.

thank you ever so much Matthew! I do love it – I am hoping its going to serve me well in tomorrows barn (slightly dark) wedding! 🙂

Love these, I love your kids too, can I steal them? I am now saving up for the 35mm!!

That lens is definitely next on my shopping list! You lucky girl. x

Beautiful! Your daughter has the most gorgeous eyes! Have you used the Canon 35 L (wait… are you Canon or Nikon?!?!)? I’ve been lusting over a 35mm and keep going back and forth in my mind of what to do. I’ve considered renting both but that’s expensive just in itself. I’ve heard (and seen) wonderful things from the Sigma though… and I’m jealous that you can go to the park! It’s 13 degrees here today (before the wind chill!) with snow still on the ground!

ha – I’m a Nikon Gal – I have to say I do get 135 envy!! 🙂

Looks like everybody had lots of fun at the park … gorgeous photos … but to be honest you take amazing photos whatever camera/lens/phone you use x

You are rocking the 35mm:-) Lovely pics and lovely kids too. x

Ahh thank you my love xxx

Beautiful Zoe! It is a cracking lens and your wee people are very cute 🙂

I hate you I hate you I hate you……….who am I kidding ! ….I just died ..but before I do…I am selling my soul for that lens