February 1, 2013

New bike!

Yes, another personal post. Yes, indeed!

We have three kids, and this is our youngest. She turned four on Monday, and thinks of herself as quite the big girl now! We bought her her first bike for her birthday. Its odd being a parent, its equally odd when your youngest kid starts growing up before your very eyes. Torn between wanting to slow it down, yet revelling in their joy and fascination in this world that lies before them.

Anyways…in my ongoing attempt to hold onto these new moments, that dash and dance away from us all too quickly… here is wee M’s first ever ever time on a bike, her new bike – she made my heart burst … and even more so when her big brother turned up on the walk home from school to give me a wee hand (as at that point my bronchitis had rendered me virtually useless!)  See if you can spot nervous Dad looking on at the door!


ahhh <3  🙂



Ahhh I love the way you tell a story…they do grow up so fast…but these pictures are true memory keepers xxx

Too cute for words! What a thoughtful big brother :-). Miss M is the business! X

What Andrea said…. beautiful. You are a clever sausage. Hope I get to meet M and the rest of the gang in Feb…. and see you of course! Xxx

HOW…HOW… can you turn 100 yards of pavement into an Epic ?

ooh erm … shrugs shoulders sheepishly … not sure?! xx

Whoooooooooosh! Go M!

heehhe 🙂 she did woosh rather!

too cute zo! bet she was super excited about her cupcake bike, adore the last shot 🙂 <3

she was WELL excited Zo :)x