November 3, 2011

New finds!

Just down the road from me, there is a rather fantastical shop, owned by an equally fantastical person. Let me introduce you to both – the shop…..Kit & Caboodle and the owner, the very lovely, Lou Lou….she sells everything you could possible want, and a few more things that you hadn’t even realised you needed…so, I’m in the process of ordering my first folio sample, and had a definite idea about how I’d like to present/store it in…so I had a wee chat with Lou Lou – who found me these fine specimens – original travel luggage, thats been used on the White star Line – yes, you know the Company that owned the Titanic!! The larger case even has the original Cunard Travel Sticker on it – and they are in SUCH good condition – you can tell they have been well loved.

So, if you are ever remotely traveling near Fife, go take a wee look at Kit & Caboodle – its blooming FAB!!!


Great product photos Zoe! 🙂

thank you SO much 🙂

Wow, love them! You are sooo clever. <3

Awww, thank you honey!! xxxxx

Good Lord Zoe…do you have any idea how bloody brilliant you are !

Awww, do you know how lovely you are?!!! Thank you darlin! xx

Right, next time I’m home you have to take me there!! x

goes without saying my dear – I’d LOVE to go with you ! xx

Right, definitely scheduling in that trip to Scotland then!! xx

I was wondering what else I was going to have to do to entice you here!!!

OOOH! I love old cases like that. I love they have the Cunard labels too – just add a touch of class and “worldliness” about them. I think your folio will look gorgeous in them too. xx

Yes, perfect for storing albums in eh – I think they are so evocative of a by gone era …… sigh..