December 22, 2020

Newburgh Christmas Lights

What a year it has been. With all the tremendous lows and losses that so many have endured this year. I wanted to share just a little bit of love, hope and joy. Our little town, here in Newburgh has been bringing festive joy to all that live here, and those who drive through, with the children’s Christmas lights. Since 2002, our primary school chidden have entered an annual competition to design a Christmas Light. The winner has their design made into an actual street light, to adorn the High Street here in Newburgh.

It gives us great pride and delight to know that the children’s light’s that have brought so much joy to so many of us, have reached the eyes of so many across the world, thanks to our very own Poppy, whose tweet caught the attention of many and spread some much needed Festive cheer. Poppy had shared a plea from our Newburgh Action Group (NAG) to fundraise. To be able to have our annual show of lights, they fundraise every year. Because of covid, thats been harder, so. a Go Fund Me page was set up .. and thanks to everyone’s kindness, care, love and generosity, the one thousand pound target has been SMASHED! Thank you EVERYONE, who has spread the love, donated, to our wonderful community and of course, all our children who have been involved – including my own three kids who entered the competition each year 🙂 The story of our Christmas lights have been shared all over social media. Including Bored Panda, HuffPost, Colossal and many more!

I’ll leave you all to look upon these wonderful lights, and some other recent winter scenes from around Newburgh. When its safe for us to all meet and mingle again, do come visit our wonderful wee town. We have the most beautiful riverside walks, a fabulous High Street (with cafes) , and the most fantastic community.

Here are a few of my own images, from my other business, for my art work ~ Tay & Bear. Inspired by all the wonderful nature and scenes here in Newburgh. From original art work, and handmade cyanotype art.

I’m a professional photographer. Photos by Zoe is my business name. Images from around Newburgh, Fife and Scotland (including ones of our Christmas lights) can been viewed and purchased HERE.


What a fabulous article and show piece depicting this lovely little town ! A wonderful sense of Community x