October 21, 2018

Newburgh Handloom Weavers ~ From handloom to heirloom

Its long been a love of mine, meeting people who are keeping traditional skills alive. Imagine my delight when I friend shared the Open Day Event, of the Newburgh Handloom Weavers. So close to home too! They held an open day, and we just had to go along. You can read more about them, and their story here. Erika’s son (seen below in the photos) has discovered a bit of a flare for weaving recently, impressing us all with his enthusiasm and skills!

Thank you Erika and Jimmy, and all the people we met and chatted to today.


Lets start with a short video clip I shot, of ‘the waulking ‘ the tweed in, with a led song by Tracy Boyle and Jimmy Hutchison. Absolutely wonderful!!

waulking the tweed in