June 11, 2020

Newburgh High Street – 2020

I’ve always supported local businesses, and never more has there been a pressing time to do this.

So, I took my camera out with me on my wee walk down Newburgh High Street today. I had a few fair (socially distancing) chats with folk, and it was so lovely.

I thought it would be nice to show you the faces of some of the people who are fellow business owners here in Newburgh!

First stop – Four Sticks Framing. You can check out Joe & his FB page HERE.

Next it was a stop at ‘Flowers at Canatara‘ –

They have fantastic stock, and I got everything I needed! We have three little fledgling blue tits, who seem to be permanently hungry! We’d learnt that the little suet balls in plastic netting were not great to leave out for the birds because their wee feet can get entangled – and we certainly didn’t want that! So we needed to get alternatives! Canatara had everything! Thanks guys!

We have an awesome Co-op here in Newburgh, its been a lifeline for us! Thank you to all the staff there that have been working hard throughout this pandemic. And Ruth at Minerva Blue – we’d ordered two face masks from her – pics to follow soon!

I took a bit of a further walk down Newburgh High Street to my hairdressers – HairPlay , which of course is closed just now because of the covid restrictions. But they have really kindly opened it up to the local Food Fund, supporting people who need some help. Click HERE to find out more. I am offering MINI PORTRAIT SESSIONS, with a £10 donation from each shoot, going towards Newburgh’s Friendly Food Fund. You can find out some more HERE.

I also saw Andy, (and Heike, but she was out on a dog walk!) who had just taken stock of some much needed glass bottles – they make their own KOMBUCHA – and if you are looking to buy some, you can find it in stock, here in Newburgh in our butchers (Cheyne’s Quality Foods) – you can check them out HERE.

Here is Andy with his rather delicious lookingBuddy Kombcha

And on my way home, I paid a socially distancing call to my dear (and long time) friend Stella. Who is the genius mastermind and chef behind HATTERS CATERING ..


Nicely done Zoe. Much deserved appreciation to all our local shops & suppliers. I’d forgotten about the Kombucha supplier and tbh wasn’t aware of Hatters catering. I think a Newburgh business FB page might work well you know…
PS Always enjoy your photos xx