February 26, 2019

Newport & Wormit ~ tales from the riverside.

I’ve lived in Fife most of my life, despite what most people assume when they hear me talk with the English accent. I somehow never managed to shake it, when I moved to Scotland at the age of 6. I spent a lot of my younger  years living in a place called Wormit .. its an odd name, one that I must look up meaning of it, one of these days! Anyway, I live just down the river now, in Newburgh .. One evening in May last year, I saw that the light was doing all sorts of beautiful things, with the swirling mist one evening as the sun was setting. So I leapt in my car and headed along the river to Newport, and then to Wormit. I took my wee M with me too, it nice to share experiences with others 🙂