June 5, 2015

Open evening at Myres Castle

What a beautiful evening at Myres Castle – I know I have said it lots already, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place, so much. I am completely bursting with excitement to be there in September for Leela & Alistair’s wedding. CAN NOT WAIT!
There was such lovely atmosphere this evening – people, chatting, milling about, and I think, enjoying the space that the fantastical team at Myres have created.

Here are a few shots from this evening.  2015-06-05_0001 2015-06-05_0002 2015-06-05_0003 2015-06-05_0004 2015-06-05_0005 2015-06-05_0006 2015-06-05_0007 2015-06-05_0008 2015-06-05_0009 2015-06-05_0010