January 5, 2020

Photos by Zoe is Ten Years Old !!

Can I share something with you? Something that I am pretty proud of .. I launched my photography business a WHOLE DECADE AGO!!! Thats right, 2020 is the year that sees my business turn a whole ten years old! 
I’ve spent the last few days, looking at every single wedding that I’ve had the honour of being a part of, and wanted to share a bit of that with you all. From my very first couple who booked me back in May 2010 .. through to now.. THANK YOU so much. 

As you know, I am not much of a numbers person, but as we are at beginning of a new decade .. I thought I’d sit down and reflect on the last. So from May 2010, till now (January 2020) I have had the honour of being the wedding photographer for 209 couples! Sit back, and enjoy here is 10 years. Condensed into 10 minutes! This is what 316 images look like all smooshed into one big bundle of love and happiness.

Here is you all, and all the love and laughter we have shared. And heres to the next ten years. xxxx