October 20, 2016

Rangefinder: 30 Rising Stars of 2016 ~ My submission

Every year, Rangefinder Magazine announce their top 30 Rising Stars in Wedding photography. Only 200 people from all across the world, are invited to submit images. To qualify you need to have been shooting weddings full time, for 5 years or less.

I was utterly astonished to have been shortlisted to submit to the 30 Rising Stars of 2016 !

Sadly, I learnt last week that I haven’t made it to the top 30.

I’m going to be honest, I was in two minds wither to even blog about this whole process , as I had been feeling pretty down about it all. Choosing a portfolio of images to submit was quite a big task to take onboard, right in the middle of wedding season, investing not only the time but emotionally too.

But I’ve taken heart from seeing a couple of posts from other wedding photographers I know, who are in the same boat as me, and shared their experience. Rather than feel downhearted I’ve decided to embrace the fact that Rangefinder shortlisted me in the first place. I’m so thankful to have been given this opportunity.

Thank you so much to my dear family and friends who gave me their support, listened, and encouraged me.

Claire, Len, Nessa, Laura, Rachel, Danny, Kate, Alice, Jacob, Julie, Jaye & Morag. Thank you for your support xx

Here are the thirty images that I choose to submit:

2016-10-19_0001 2016-10-19_0002 2016-10-19_0003 2016-10-19_0004 2016-10-19_0005 2016-10-19_0006 2016-10-19_0007 2016-10-19_0008 2016-10-19_0009 2016-10-19_0010 2016-10-19_0011 2016-10-19_0012 2016-10-19_0013 2016-10-19_0014 2016-10-19_0015 2016-10-19_0016 2016-10-19_0017 2016-10-19_0018 2016-10-19_0019 2016-10-19_0020 2016-10-19_0021 2016-10-19_0022 2016-10-19_0023 2016-10-19_0024 2016-10-19_0025 2016-10-19_0026 2016-10-19_0027 2016-10-19_0028 2016-10-19_0029 2016-10-19_0030


Special moments captured , each one unique and amazing ….be proud your work is fabulous ☺

So much goodness and joy! Love your images. x

Some of these images literally took my breath away! xx

Something to be proud of right there! Awesome work Zoe

I absolutely love these Zoe… I kept scrolling onto the next one going ooh look at that and “how the hell did she do that”… a rising star in my eyes. Channel it into something positive and you will always be the winner! What an inspiration you are 🙂

These are beautiful images Zoe. It’s a fiercely competitive process. Most of us wish we could get as far you have!

You know what I think already. You are one of the most talented photographers I know and you are always experimenting and pushing yourself creatively. Big love, Zoe. X

Absolutely loved this post! So glad you shared, you are a very inspiring talent!

Bloody fantastic images and a wholly worthy nomination. You’re a very talented lady xx

I have always and still do believe you are one of the best photographers out there! Your beautiful captivating images tell a story and that’s what I love the most! I’m beyond thrilled you are sharing this because I think people should see it and I know they will love it! I know it may be disappointing to not be included on a list, but you should never for one second doubt your talent because of that. You are amazing and your images are amazing. I can’t wait for the day we meet in person and I can watch you work your magic first hand. So much love sent your way!

You are amazing and I so love the selection you made for it! <3