October 18, 2012

Samy & Stephen ~ Carnbooth House Hotel

Ahhh – we had such a fun time during Samy & Stephen’s pre-wedding meet up. Colour, tattoos, rain, graffiti and lots and lots of laughter….. and you know, their wedding day was pretty much, all of the above too! That, and a few more people (aka wedding guests!).

I always have a chat with couples in the lead up to their big day about their plans, and ideas about their wedding day. I think it would be fair to say that I am booked because of my informal approach, with the emphasis being more on candid moments, than formal group shots…when the moment requires it, and there are a few formal shots to get done, I often recommend a second photographer there to make the process as quick (and painless!) as possible. So, with 19 formal group shots on the cards, we had the very very fantastical, and beautiful Zoe Campbell Photography join us on Samy & Stephen’s wedding day – and it was double the fun I think  🙂

There was such a buzz of excitement the morning of the wedding, starting off the day at Samy’s twin sister Nicky’s Glasgow flat – there were plenty of gorgeous pools of light at the foot of the steps outside Nick’s place.  It was lovely seeing all the wee flower girls playing about on the morning, with their swishy dresses 🙂 Oh, and lets not to feed the rabbit before we head off to the wedding – fortunately Zoe C was on hand to give a wee hand to that 🙂

Samy & Stephen’s ceremony was so personal to them, and so lovely  – they have really kindly said that I can share some with you… Their humanist celebrant, Susan Douglas explain .. “as you will have already gathered, this will not be a traditional wedding ceremony…Samy & Stephen have decided on a humanist ceremony so that they are free to express their feelings in any shape or form…and so have chosen their own readings, and written their own vows …

Susan asked Samy & Stephen to explain what love meant to them – after many hours of deliberation, they struggled to find the right words.. love is just love, they felt it when they first met, and the feeling has only increased with every day that they spend together..

Samy loves Stephen as he never gets stressed out and makes her laugh from the moment she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep. When she is grumpy, Stephen is there making her smile and forget all her woes. He takes care of her when she needs it, and lets her be bossy when she needs that too! He makes her feel secure and happy, and every day with him is better than the last.

Stephen loves Samy as she makes him happy, more happier than a dog with a bowl of mince. She is the first person to smile at a bad joke and the last smile he sees at night, she is super funny in her own way and makes him laugh. She loves her family and the the way she looks after her friends in their hour of need and she is the number 1 go to gal, she is so thoughful and goes out of her way to make him smile, to not bugging him when he is watching his 5th game of football, to suprise him with gifts, mostly baggy shorts, for no other reason other than she loves him.

This is Samy & Stephen’s wedding day, and it was awesome
KAPOW!! (to use the words of a the master of all that is kapow-ness 😉  )

Zoe C – you totally rocked the dance floor!! Thank you so much again for all your help and laughter on Samy & Stephen’s day.  Last pic of the night…well, see if you can guess who it is 😉 Taken just before we headed off home  🙂




Useful links:

Florist:  Sparrow and Rose
Make up artist: Catherine Toner (Beauty 4 U)
Hair: U Concept
Shoes: heels  – Iron fist    flats – debenhams
Wedding DressJune Brides
Bridesmaid DressesVivene of Holloway
Groomswear  MacGregor and McDuff
Wedding CakeM&S
Cake toppers: Googly Gifts
Sweet Trees – Sweet Trees by Rivera