June 22, 2011

Sir David Attenborough

A few weeks ago, St Andrew’s University tweeted that they were offering tickets to attend a talk from the internationally renowned Naturalist, Sir David Attenborough. This seemed like one of those, once in a life time opportunities and just as the clock hit 6pm all those days ago…I hit the register your details button and sat back and waited to see if I had got lucky – aparently so did another 1500 people! And with only 200 pairs of tickets avaible, there were going to be a few dispointed people out there!

So, I consider myself very very lucky indeed to have attended this special event, along with my husband. Sir David gave a talk on the British Naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace . Sir David Attenborough will be awarded an honorary degree by the University of St Andrews this week.



He’s the reason a climbed up a mountain in Rwanda to meet gorillas 🙂 very cool atmosphere filled shots of a living legend

WOW Andy!!! YOu did? Ohhh – got pics? That sounds amazing!

Hi Zoe
here are a few of my pics of the gorilla troop I visited, I wish I had the camera and lensI use now but they are still capable of making me go all mushy when i look at them.



Oh WOW Andy!! I would have loved to have experienced that – the closest I’ve got to a gorrilla is in a Zoo in America. It was really moving – I can’t quite imagine how it would be to see them in the wild, in their proper habitat. Thank you so much for sharing the link.

Awesome guy isn’t it! Nice photos too:-)

Totally – amazing bloke – and captivating to listen to!

Wow! I made it to your blog! Sweet. You are so quick at putting this together! I’ve only just gotten myself up to start work on the pics! Lovely shots! x

Of course you made it to my blog – couldn’t have Sir David Attenboough without featuring the lovely Gillian Gamble too! Can’t wait too see your pics – I’ll post a link so people can see your awesome work – for those of you who don’t know Gillian was the official photographer for the evening – she got to take some portraits of the great man before his talk!

A lucky ticket! Love the images you captured, a once in a lifetime event. Also a hero of mine!

Totally lucky Lisa, I really felt honoured to be there – its was my own Willy Wonker moment discovering I had a ticket!

Brilliant Zoe, you are very lucky, he’s a legend. Love the expressions you’ve captured. X

Thank you so much Andy! Only wish I had had a zoom lens and not the 85mm prime with me!

Very Cool. He is one of my heroes. Lovely event to attend.

He was awesome Kevin – I loved the odd reference to his childhood, and how he described reading Wallace’s book, and see the illustrations of the rare Birds of Paradise and how that inspire him – he said to himself, I want to see those one day – it totally captured his imagination..love it – I’m off to buy that book I think!