February 13, 2013

fun in the snow

Did you see out side today – you must have done!! It snowed, yes it really did!

I attempted to catch up on some admin stuff this morning, but as the afternoon of the first day of half term wore on, my three kids where literally climbing the walls, and i decided to get them out for a wee bit of an airing! (and I thought it might help my sanity a wee bit too!)

And yes, thats me bearing all – a wee selfie – me on a normal day  – no make up just hanging with the kids 🙂


Love the contrast of bright colours against the snow. Beautiful shots of family. xx

thanks Mum 🙂

These are lovely Zoe and you look beautiful my love ~ with and without makeup <3

Looks like a fab time was had by all … love those hats! xx

awwww these are just fantastic! So much fun and I can’t believe you are having so much snow – wow!! We didn’t get any this year 🙁
Love the selfie xx

hhehee thank you my lovely, yeap – we have had wee bits of snow here and there – nothing last year though!