June 16, 2022

Spring wedding at Falside Mill, Fife

What a build up to Hannah & Andrew’s wedding. I first met them both at Hannah’s big sister’s wedding in 2015. So it was the hugest honour to be asked by Hannah to be her wedding photographer, and the most lovely thing seeing so many familiar faces again, and be a wee part of their families stories one more time.

Margy (Hannah’s Mum) wrote the LOVIEST review, which I will be forever, totally and utterly humbled and grateful such lovely kind words. Thank you Margy xx (the full review is at the very bottom of this blog post, so do scroll down to see .

Wedding Suppliers: WEDDING PREPARATIONS LOCATION/ Morton of Pitmilly, WEDDING VENUE/. Falside Mill, FLORIST /: Amy Annand, MAKE UP ARTIST/ Kirsty Suttie, HAIR / Bespoke Bridal Hair by Robyn Donald, Catherine Deane ‘Kameron’ bridal gown, BAND/ The Upbeats, FILM MAKER /Paper Street Productions, CELEBRANT/ Linda Stewart, Glitter bar – Give Good Face,

Margy’s kind words: “Dear Zoe, as a luddite (& non fb user) I was trying to work out the best way to contact you I so was delighted to see your Instagram post (my only contribution to social media). I wanted to somehow try to express my gratitude towards you as a person as well as a photographer but no words could ever truly express that, no matter how hard I try. You are far more than a photographer at a wedding Zoe (although a truly remarkable, wonderful & unique one at that). Having had the absolute pleasure of your presence (and outstanding pictures) at our eldest daughters wedding in 2015 (& other baby/toddler photos since), there was absolutely no doubt who our youngest daughter wanted to capture her special day. Due to Covid, this required 3 rescheduled dates to accommodate our large family and friends to celebrate the day together, free of most restrictions. This unfortunately meant a change of caterer, videographer, lighting professional and band who could not accommodate the various changes of dates. However, whilst extremely challenging, non of that mattered “because Zoe was still available” and that was the most important bit . On the morning of the wedding, I felt a knot in my stomach and an overwhelming feeling of anxiety around the day. The make up artist was delayed due to difficulty finding diesel and, almost 2 years on from the original wedding date, I just so wanted the day to go well. I distinctly remember the door opening and capturing a glimpse of you Zoe (and, as I write this, tears fill my eyes again). At that moment, the tightness in my stomach eased spontaneously and, a feeling of calm ensued. I knew simply by your presence that everything was going to be ok …..and so it was, but not just ok, it was perfect. The sneaky peek photo’s are outstanding. The photo of myself, my daughter and granddaughter is one I will cherish forever ….. it is simply beautiful and beautifully simple. As a photographer you are a true genius Zoe, arguably one of the best wedding photographers in Scotland & beyond but, photography skills are only part of the package you bring to any wedding. Your wonderful personal qualities of warmth and genuine fun loving humour makes you the “Full Package”. I heard so many of my family comment “it was so lovely to see Zoe again” even though they had only briefly interacted with you some 7 years earlier. Anyone who meets you (however fleetingly) feels an immediate and long term connection. You feel more like a favourite family friend, someone who a wedding would simply not be the same without. You bring a wedding to life You are also a “fixer” of any manner of problems. When an intermittent noise started moments before my daughter walked down the aisle, it was you Zoe who ran ( no, in fact sprinted) to sort the issue even though I’m quite sure that didn’t feature anywhere in the role and responsibilities of the photographer! If you happened to stumble into my home, you would find that it is filled with the most beautiful photos which provide cherished memories of the most special days of our lives ……and you would recognise them ALL as your work Zoe Thank you most sincerely from the bottom of my heart, any wedding is enhanced immensely by your presence alone …..and, your photos speak for themselves and need no recommendation.