January 23, 2015

St Ives wedding ~ congratulations Anna & Chris

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this blog post! I’ve known Anna and her family, all of my life… we would go on holidays together, both families when we were kids. Yes, Anna,  and her siblings Kate and Alex are all very special to me indeed. When Anna got in touch to talk about her wedding plans, it was looking really unlikely that we could get the dates to work to be her wedding photographer… thankfully, we got there in the end!! One 13 hour train journey, from Fife to Cornwall, and there I was, on that early October evening, breathing in the fine sea air. It was beautiful, my heart swooped it little, and whats more… I had a few days either side of the big wedding day to explore this new place. Those adventures I had in St Ives will follow in another blog post, when I get time to share that with you all. For now though, this is all about Anna, Chris and their wedding day.  And what a day it was!

Anna & Chris’s wedding was held at _______ just on the outskirts of St Ives, Cornwall. Their marquee sat perched on a hill, overlooking a little bay, where we headed later in the day for some photos of the newly weds. I’m not going to chat away here. I just wanted to give you a flavour of the day. And wish my heart felt love to you both Anna, Chris, to your girls, to your family and friends. And to your dear Grandma who sadly passed away recently. Much love to you all. Your wedding day will, forever hold a special place in my heart x


Venue ~ Gonwin Manor, Carbis Bay, St Ives

Wedding Dress ~ Purchased on portobello Road, London, adapted by my talented friend, Katie

Florist ~ Flowers supplied by the Cornish Bunch, arranged by me (the bride)

Makeup Artist~ Natasha Flower makeup

Wedding Cake ~My multi talented step sister Tanya, who runs a cake company with her mum- The Only Cake Company

Hair ~ Simone Knyita bridal hair

Catering ~ a great friend whose a chef

Bridesmaid Dresses~ Liberty, (handmade by my best friends mum- Gloria Bailey)

Table & chair hire – Virginia vintage hire

Groomswear ~ Various

Band / DJ ~ Milo and Jen

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Anna & Chris’s wedding day from photos by zoe on Vimeo.


So beautiful, love. Just lovely.

Thank you so much my lovely xx