November 12, 2018

Summer wildflower meadow elopement on film ~ Ragini & Owen

For those of you who follow me on social media might already know that I am a lover of shooting with REAL film.. you know, proper old school.. where you physically put film into a camera, and (depending on the type of film/camera) you send if off to the lab to get it developed.

Is it perfect? Nope! Are all the frames in focus? Nope! But thats not what I love and shooting on film. Its real, its raw, it has a unique quality. And thats what makes it beautiful.You can see lots more of my film work on my IG account:  morethanonce_onfilm .

You can imagine how bloody excited I was, when I had an email from the lovely Caro Weiss Photography (I’ve long been an admirer of her work, its really beautiful)… asking if I would be interesting in joining her on Ragini and Owen’s wedding day, to shoot ONLY with my film cameras!! I didn’t even need to think twice, its my absolutely joy and dream to be able to shoot film on a wedding day!

So, at the end of June, I packed up my car with virtually every type of film and camera I owned .. and joined Ragini & Owen as they eloped at the Roulotte Retreat, in the Borders. WHAT A PLACE!!! There are wild flowers, with little winding paths through the flowers and grasses leading from one little caravan to another.  Its the kind of place, that you just walk about, breathing in deeply, soaking up the peacefulness that surrounds you. It was such an honour to be a little part of such a big day. If anyone wither you be a couple OR perhaps another photographer, who would like me to join you on your wedding day, to shoot FILM, do get in touch! I’d love to chat more!

Below are some of the images, from Ragini & Owen’s wedding. Sending you both a big heartfelt HUG and congratulations once again. If you get a mo, you might want to follow Ragini (aka Kitteninfurs  “Plus size fashion blogger with a love for vintage. Occasional writer, domestic goddess, diy enthusiast.” on her IG feed – its blinking gorgeous!!)  You’ll see a few more wedding photos on there too. Ragini wrote a really lovely post, with Caro’s feature in the Rock n Roll Bride printed magazine  :), along with a wee shot of the Polaroid peel apart film photos from their wedding day. Thank you Ragini xx

Thank you ever so much Caro for inviting me along, I LOVED being a there  xx

For the film and camera geeks amongst  you, I shot on a mix of 35mm, 120mm and peel apart pack film. On my Nikon F100, a Holga camera, Polaroid 600se and my dear old Rolleiflex 2.8D… see if you can work out which shot was taken on which! Thanks as always goes to the lovely Will at The Latent Image, for processing and developing the film.