Welcome to my art page! This is an idea that I’ve been playing with on and off, for the last year or so (actually maybe longer!). I’ve finally dedicated some time to making it happen!

So, here it is … the launch of Tay & Bear! A place where you can both commission personal art and choose from other hand drawn illustrations, by me! I can make customised portraits, that are ready for digital download. Perhaps you are looking for some illustrations for your website? Thats also something that I can provide! 

Whats in a name? 

TAY & BEAR: Whats the name all about? Well, when I launched Tay & Bear, Iwas based in a cute wee place called Newburgh, in Fife. Newburgh sits on the banks of the River Tay. As you come into the town, from the Perth direction, traveling out of town, along the road that takes you odd towards Cupar & Dundee. There is a 100ft Bear carved into the hillside. There is a tradition, twice a year for it to be lit, with lanterns, so that it can be seen far and wide! The origins of the bear have links as far back to the legend of King Arthur and the Round table! 

There is the option of purchasing a digital download. This is to allow you to use your home printer (get it, you don’t need to leave the house for that one!) <3

Portrait commissions start at £35 for a portrait with ONE subject, and £55 for TWO subject. Have a look at the images below for some examples of my art work and click the button below to book your commission :