April 23, 2020

The Isle of Coll

Much of the last ten years of being a wedding photographer has meant me focusing a lot of my energy on growing my business. I think there are many self employed people who would say that. I dearly love what I do…spending weekends joining couples, and celebrating alongside them.. their love, their happiness, the new beginnings.

Sometimes, I manage to bring together this, and making some time to travel with my family too. This time, back in 2016. Andy and I traveled to Coll together, whilst my parents looked after our three kids. We spent a whole week together, in a quirky little tin house, in a field filled with cattle, sheep and adorable little lambs, overlooking Breachacha Bay. At the end of the week we had on Coll, I joined Daryl & Graeme on their wedding day. You can see all about their wonderful celebration HERE.

Here is a little pictorial travel journal from Andy and I’s journey to Coll. If ever you get the chance to visit this beautiful little place. Please, make time to visit. Its beautiful. Soul soothing, nature all around, and a wonderful community of people. I long to have the chance to visit again sometime.