March 23, 2011

Tree Planting, Moncrieffe Hill. Perthshire

We had a fantastic weekend – here is a short movie from our afternoon – up a t Moncreiffe  Hill, Perthshire. The Woodland Trust Scotland had organised a Tree Planting Event – and we were only to happy to join in – I think there should be more of that kind of thing happening to involve more people! After the Tree Planting we strolled off to check out the new woodland trail with sculptures from the very talented Robin Wood, who also did the illustrations for this leaflet to help you find  your way around the trail.

We all really enjoyed the trip – wish there were more events like this! It certainly proved to be popular with the two overflow car-parks being used! We didn’t have time to complete the trail on Saturday, we are definitely going to get back sometime soon so that we can see all of Robin’s fantastic sculptures. Why not share this page with the link below to let everyone know about it – its well worth a wee family trip out one afternoon if your in the Perth area.


That`s a wonderful thing to get the kids interested in Zoe! Give me a shout if you ever do anything like it again, i`d love to do that….and have a go on the drums lol xx

Oh totally Lisa – would definitely be up for that