August 27, 2013

How was your Tuesday?

Tuesday, did Tuesday just happen?!

I’ve not had the most productive of days.. Day two of my new found freedom with all three of my kids off at school, with grand plans of more efficiency and productivity that you could shake a stick at.. and well, I have sent a gallery link to the lovely Jocelyn & Colin, and replied to a few emails, but mostly I’ve slept off a pesky migraine – most frustrating!

I decided to make the most of the quiter time with my daughter when the two older kids were out with their Dad, and we went off for a wee evening walk by the river, you know, because every day moments mean ever so much. So here we are, our wee evening walk …




These photos are so beautiful, my ulitmate aim in life is to capture something this fantastic! The light is fabulous and the joy on her wee face is fantastic

Zoe…….sigh……….. I LOVE YOU <3

Absolutely beautiful…I love them all