February 18, 2019

Two Thousand and Eighteen on Film

From London to Shetland, around Fife and Perthshire. I always jump at the chance to shoot some frames on my real film cameras. I am not sure I’m going to get round to a round up of all the thousands of digital images I shot over the course of last year. I’m going to be honest, I find the prospect a bit overwhelming. So sharing a little bit of the journey I took with film, seems like the right thing to do for now.

I enjoy taking photos of real film. It really does feel quite different from shooting on digital cameras. The whole process is slower and it can feel more of an art form. Taking time to find the composition, and your settings, along with capturing something thats hopefully emotive too. It feels honest, and true. I love the challenge of playing with different sorts of film cameras too. So the images you see below are shot on my old 1956 Rollieflex 2.8D 120mm film camera, Holga 120N, Polaroid 600se camera, on peel apart pack film, my (now, sold) Mamiya 7… and a few on my Nikon F100 (35mm film).

I was booked for the first time, as a 2nd photographer to purely shoot film at Ragini & Owen’s wedding in the summer time. Shooting alongside the wonderful Caro. I throughly enjoyed the challenge of not taking any digital images that day. It was a wonderful opportunity.. and  one which I would love to repeat – so it you are looking to have your wedding day documented in this way do message me to chat some more!

Its lovely having the chance to look back and reflect on last years film images .. and I would like to push myself to shoot more film. Some more family sessions on film, like the ones you will see below in the slideshow from Baby Eva’s session.

Enjoy! xx

This wee, 3 min 25 second slideshow, goes from personal moments, to some images shot for commercial photography, weddings and ‘every day stories’ (family sessions) so basically everything!!