February 25, 2019

Vintage Hasselblad lens + the digital sony mirrorless

Some of you who follow me online, know that I have recently made the big switch from shooting on Nikon (DSLR’s) since I started my photography business back in 2010… to moving over to a completely new mirrorless system .. the Sony A7 iii, just at the end of last year. I a really excited about the possibilities with these new cameras. The lenses I own for the Sony are amazing. One of the other things that appealed to me with the new sony’s, was the idea that it could be possible to take some of my old vintage lenses, that I shoot with on some of my film cameras, on my new mirrorless camera! This blows my mind ! The old vintage lenses use an adaptor to allow you to make the connection from one to the other. Now, its not completely straight forward, the vintage lenses require you to slow down and think. Much like the process of shooting with a film camera. All the settings AND focus are in manual. The Sony cameras that I now shoot on, make manual focusing a little easier, with their clever ‘focus peaking’ ..In the process of writing this blog post, I’ve discovered how to change the colour of the area in focus, from white to red … which makes focusing a manual lens a LOT easier! Here is a wee artical for reference. So thats pretty handy!

I researched a lot of options.. and because I value my kit, and I want get the best from it all, I decided to spend a little bit more and buy a ‘pro’ adaptor. So armed with my new Fotodiox Pro Lens adaptor … I went out with my youngest kiddo to practice! I am not sure at this point if I would shoot with it at a wedding, maybe after a LOT of practice, to get quicker at manually focusing.. but I am really in love with the results!

I own two old Hasselblad lenses that work with this adaptor. A 150mm f4 lens, and a 50mm 2.8 lens .. my fav is the 50mm lens to shoot with – and all the images below are shot with that lens. What do you think?