March 14, 2012

Emma & Damian get married, Dunfermline

You know when you thought that you had blogged a wedding AND then you see posts on FB congratulating a couple on their first wedding anniversary, and you realise that actually you hadn’t got round to blogging their wedding … ? Well, um, that!!!! Here a year and a day later, is Emma & Damian’s Wedding – and it was so beautiful – I remember it so vividly, like it was yesterday. Much love to you both xxxxx



Everyone’s Wedding Day is special, and full of emotion. That almost goes without saying. But for Emma & Damian’s Wedding this was particularly poignant, due to the fact that Emma suddenly lost her Dad, Jim, in the last few months before her Wedding day.  

When I met up with Emma & Damian back in the summer time here . We chatted about all their Wedding Plans – all the talk of home made details in a church hall, with bunting and vintage crockery, and catering done by my friend Stella (who runs Hatter Catering) was all terribly exciting. I know that they shared the images with their family from the summer, before their big day in December.

With their day booked for the 28th December there was a bit of special Christmassy/ New Year magic in the air. I called in to give a wee hand and have a catch up with them, the day before their Wedding. 

So, this is a wee dedication to Emma & Damian, and all their family and friends, and of course to Jim. Who I felt was very much a part of this really special day – I felt so much love for him when I chatted to family and friends. 

I’ll leave the photographs to do the rest of the talking.

Hair & Makeup:


Catering: Hatters Catering

Music: Little Red Wedding Band

Wedding Cars:




And I was utterly moved when Damian emailed me …

“Just sat for an hour and a half looking through them, on my phone, which is surely doing them a great injustice, but wow! They are so lovely It’s wonderful to see photos from the Bridal party’s morning, and the photos from the rest of the day are amazing. By turns beautiful, funny, fascinating and always perceptive and of the moment. Some of them remind me so palpably of all I was feeling, thinking and experiencing on the day I’m moved almost to tears. Thank you so much for an incredible job, I couldn’t be happier with what you did for us!”


Much love to you both, Emma & Damian. It was so lovely being involved in your Wedding Day – I’ll hold it dear to me – it was such a beautiful day. Wishing you both, much love and happiness together xxx.


Just looking through these, two years on…such an amazing day and you captured every moment so well. Fantastic!

Some lovely stuff on there dude. I really like the shot of them kissing next to the car. fAb. x

Absolutely stunning! The love and joy from the day is so palpable.

Oooh Stephanie, thank you ever so much xxxxxxxxxx

Beautiful images Zoe…I love the little girl with the cup cakes (and better late than never) xxx

aww she was a wee poppit Amanda xxx thank you x

it was the most fantastic day and you captured it wonderfully. looking at the photos again made me shed a wee tear !! xxx

OOh Marly,

It was ever such an amazing day <3