Wedding Albums

There is something quite special about having your memories made into a real and tangible wedding album. Being able to pick up a book, hold it in your hands and loose yourself in the pages. This is why I offer my couples the chance to invest in their own wedding album. Growing up, seeing my parents, and also my husbands parent’s wedding albums has been such a lovely connection to the past, and I love to be able to offer this to all my couples too. 

Folio Albums are a company based in Yorkshire, and not only are they located in the UK, they are also very very green too – top marks in my books! They hit the mark on so many levels – they are a specialised company who are really approachable too, and they also have a rather nice website to browse around too click here, for more info.

The Folio Albums are beautiful handcrafted heirlooms, something that you would be proud to show your family and friends for many many years to come.

Wedding Albums can be designed and ordered directly through your online Wedding Gallery (once your images are edited and online!).  Here is a link to my SCOTLAND Portfolio – this will give you a feel for what the online galleries look like, and you can have a browse through the products in the online shop, including the album books.