December 30, 2014

Wedding highlights of 2014

OUUCHA!!! When I made the decision to make a 2014 end of year round up of the highlights from all the weddings I’ve been to this year .. I knew it was going to be a bit tricky to choose the images.. and I kinda knew that I would probably get carried away and include more than is comfortable to view …both of these things are true!  I wanted to include everything, it has to be said… anyway…here goes .. grab a cup of coffee, and through yourself head first into this blog post.

Wait, wait, just before you start. I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you. To you the couples who chose me as your wedding photographer, each and every one of your wedding days has a special memory for me personally, and I am so so proud to have played a little part in your day. Thank you too, to all the family and friends that I shared moments with too – the laughter, the happiness, the tears (yes there were tears from me too!), well THE EVERYTHING! My heart bursts with love for you all. To my 2015 couples .. I can’t wait to see what you have planned, and to join you on your wedding day. I can’t wait <3 xxx

2014-12-30_0001 2014-12-30_0002 2014-12-30_0003 2014-12-30_0004 2014-12-30_0005 2014-12-30_0006 2014-12-30_0008 2014-12-30_0009 2014-12-30_0010 2014-12-30_0011 2014-12-30_0012 2014-12-30_0013 2014-12-30_0014 2014-12-30_0015 2014-12-30_0016 2014-12-30_0017 2014-12-30_0019 2014-12-30_0021 2014-12-30_0022 2014-12-30_0023 2014-12-30_0024 2014-12-30_0025 2014-12-30_0026 2014-12-30_0027 2014-12-30_0028 2014-12-30_0030 2014-12-30_0031


What a beautiful collection of images Zoe! Delighted to see some of Christian and I included in the final cut 😉 much love to you x

Yum. These are just lovely. You have such a beautiful tenderness to your imagery. Great work lady!

better and better and better. you, my lovely friend, are a kickass photographer and I love this post from start to finish xxx

You really are one talented lady. As good a collection as I’ve seen. Brilliant x

So good my friend, love the delicate processing and the thoughtful moments you have captured. Love your style gorgeous lady 🙂 x

2014 – NAILED! Gorgeous as always Zoe x

Oh wow Zoe. I love them all. You’ve had such an awesome year! Have a brilliant new year and wishing you a totally epic 2015!

Zoe, your work is incredible. You have so much to be proud of here and I can’t wait to see more from you in 2015! Happy New Year x

Such beautiful observations – the bride in the shaft of light in the abbey is one of my favourite-ever photos of yours. Have a smashing 2015! x

Very glad you eventually posted this. Your work is beautiful. Happy new year Zoe!

Congrats to you Zoe, every year you raise your bar. Love these, a world class set, enjoy 2015!

Great collection of images, Zoe, and some utterly stunning portraits! Your love for what you do comes right through your images x

amazing! You’ve done a fantastic job Zoe and these photos are amazing!

LORD ABOVE, WOMAN. You’re a bit blummin awesome, and a bit flippin talented, you know? xx

Beautiful, epic, amazing and wonderful. What a year my talented friend. x