March 23, 2014

Where my dreams take me…

I went to Shetland last summer.  I went with all the intention of enjoying myself. Having the chance to spend some time with my parents (who organised the trip) and my family… I didn’t expect to fall in love with Shetland quite as much as I have.. I still haven’t blogged the personal images I took from that holiday, partly because I am enjoying looking over them time and time again, and also, because I am finding it impossible to choose! I loved it so!

A few weeks before traveling there, I made plans to organise a styled shoot on Shetland. I put out a wee call on Facebook and was connected up with some fantastic people. One of whom being Laura from Studio 4   – who styled all the girl’s hair for the shoot. Clothes were a combination of model’s own, and I brought a couple of the dresses with me.

We were fortunate enough to stumble across some of the filming for the current BBC  series of Shetland (if you haven’t started watching it, you should!)

Thank you so so so much to everyone involved, for such a fun day . xx

I will leave you with this wee poem, its called  Hjalta, and speaks of the sights and scents of Shetland in summer. If you click this link and go to the website to hear the poem read  – its beautiful! x

Read By Greta Jacobson


Da eart-bark in among da girse  

Is glintin whaar you stride,
An antrin seggie lowin up 
Closs be da burn side.
Da blugga, laek da golden sun,   
Is blazin far an wide.

You see da luckaminnie’s oo   
In hentins spread an drift;  
An da mey-flooer cleds da burn-broo  
An growes ita da clift.
Da kokkilurie covers aa 
Laek da white cloods ower da lift 

Der places oot alang da loch
At yöle-girse sweetly fills 
An smora lukks da drummie-bee  
Wi da waff at da lang swaar spills  
Da hedder-ön is da very braeth 
O da Sooth wind ower da hills.

You donna see da Simmer pass
Rose-red wi laamer een;  
You see a glöd o blue an gold,  
glisk o white an green;  
Onlie da Sooth wind sees an seichs  
Ta tink at shö is geen.