If you haven’t worked it out already, I love what I do! I’ve been a wedding photographer since 2010. Most couples who book me, say that they aren’t all comfortable in-front of the camera .. you know what? Neither am I ! I totally get how it can make you feel. Thats where my people skills, and years of experience come into play! I want you to feel relaxed and concentrate on having fun on your special day. I’m friendly, and approachable. Documenting your day, as fully and honestly as I can.  Basically the exact opposite of anything formal, or traditional! I want to capture real emotions of your wedding day, helping you to just be yourselves.

Choosing to make an investment in your wedding photography will give you peace of mind, allowing you to just relax, celebrate and have a good old party with all your family & friends! Who wouldn’t want that? All I ask in return, is that we work together as a team, in the lead up to your wedding, and of course on the day itself! You can read more about my photography style HERE 

Please don’t worry about any unexpected costs: I keep my pricing super simple.  You can choose how much of your day you would like me to document.

I offer TWO digital collections: ” The Essentials” – *this limited availability, please enquire for more info.  and ” The Full Story”  

Brand new (for full day coverage)  2018 / 19 couples …. I am SO excited about this! I’ve managed to get my hands-on a first edition, “LOMO INSTANT SQUARE” camera – it was available initially through Kick Starter. Whats more, the design is all retro too!  I love it ! When you book me to shoot your full day wedding, you’ll be getting up to 10 cute square photos (8.6cm x 7.2cm  in size) shot with this analogue camera – I say *about 10* because there are sometimes some shots that simply don’t work, when shooting film!


OPTIONAL EXTRAS:   *this will be updated with more info very soon *

There are a few additional options available .. PRE-WEDDING PHOTOS … YOUR WEDDING ON REAL FILM … WEDDING ALBUMS .. Scroll down to see more about the products, and prices.

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about being in-front of the camera, worry not! Maybe you would like to book a pre-wedding session with me, to help you feel more relaxed. Its also a really nice chance to have some photos of the two of you, together. 

**prices start at £75 per roll of film**


For the full low down on wedding albums please click HERE