Your Online Gallery.

Welcome! Here are some handy tutorials to show how to get the best use of your online gallery. We are going to be covering the following:
1. VIEW & navigate through your Gallery.
2. SHARE with family & friends
3. ORDERING prints.

4. DOWNLOAD your whole gallery or individual images.
5. ALBUM PROOF - I can design an album for you
6. DESIGN - Use the handy online gallery tools to design your own professionally printed album.
7. SUBSCRIPTION- annually subscription for cloud based storage

1. VIEW your & navigate through your Gallery.

2. SHARE with family & friends.

3. ORDERING prints.

4. DOWNLOAD your whole gallery or individual images.

I recommend that you download your whole gallery in high resolution format, to keep your images backed up and safe. There is also an option to download web ready images, if you want to share a few of them online, or save a few on your phone.

You will need to use a laptop or desk top computer to download your high res files, and are often a few gigabytes in size. Please make sure the place you are downloading the images to, has enough storage for this.

12 months after the gallery is first published, you will be given the opportunity to have your gallery hosted through cloud storage .. but, more about that in No.7

5. ALBUM PROOF -Designing an album

In this next section we will look at how to make an album from your gallery using the online tools and store . There are two options. I make an album proof for you, or you can of course, design your own. Watch the tutorials to learn more. The first tutorial covers the first stage of sharing your favourite images with me, the ones you would like me to use to make into an an album proof for you.

Selecting your photos for your photographer:

How to proof your album:

6. Designing your own album

7. SUBSCRIPTION- Annual Cloud Gallery Storage

When your gallery is first published online, it will automatically be accessible for 12 months. After which, you have the option to be transferred over to cloud based storage, with an annual subscription fee. During the first 12 months, I recommend that you download ALL of your high resolution images (see No.4 tutorial on how to do this).

Storing your images online, gives you the peace of mind that your gallery is backed up. You can have access to view or order products online. You can of course opt out of your subscription should you wish to change your mind. Please ensure that you have your whole gallery backed up and stored in several places (like in Dropbox, an external hard drive, and your desk top / lap top) to ensure you have them safe.

The cost online cloud storage is £35 per annum